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Wednesday, October 4, 2000 - Aaron

Sorry about the delay, I had several issues come up last week that prevented work on the page.  However, I did manage to finish off the rest of the page except the GunX - A New Beginning Information page.  That will come later, as it will be a large chuck of info.  The File Library is back up and available, with most of the files from the old site up for download, although some were removed due to lack of interest.  So head on over and relive the days of GunX - Urban Nightmare!

Sunday, September 24, 2000 - Aaron

Well, slowly but surely I'm putting the site together.  Right now, I have eliminated the old page and I'm working new screenshots to finish off the Urban Nightmare sections.  I've also established a set of messageboards for our visitors to use.   You can find them at the GunX Forums.  Remember to respect the basic rules of netiquette when posting.  I'm guessing the rest of this site should be finished by the end of the week.  Hang in there!  --UPDATE--  Screenshots page is now up for Urban Nightmare!  10 Brand New Screenshots available!

Sunday, September 10, 2000 - Aaron

I finally got around to redesigning the site in a more useful and friendly format.  Welcome to GunX Central, the source of all things GunX!  Justin and I originally intended to simply close down the site and post a goodbye note.  However, I checked the site statistics and noticed we still pull in around 60 hits a day.  That may not be many, but I decided to recreate the site for those 60 that still care.  Sure, its nowhere near professional as Telefragged, or any of the various Planet sites in the GameSpy network, but its home.

I won't kid you, its pretty unlikely you'll see any enhancements to the original GunX - Urban Nightmare  Doom modification.  I do believe that Doom development is a ghost of its former self.  Justin and I belonged to the middle generation of Doomers, and there are few of us still around in what the community is now.  We won't be coming back either, as new venues have opened up before us.

One of these new venues is the potential release of GunX - A New Beginning.  Basically, ANB is a Half-life port of the original Urban Nightmare.  I understand the Half-life SDK well enough to write the weapons, and Justin is an adept mapper, so this project may go somewhere.  As it is, all of my original coding work is gone now that Valve has released SDK 2.0.  The progress I had is gone, though it wouldn't talk much to recreate it.  On the other hand, Justin has suffered a major hard drive crash, and may not have his work either.  I will try to borrow models, skins, textures, etc where I can get them, but if you are able to create these, please let me know.

Indeed, I hope you enjoy the new look of the site, and explore the memories of our glory days of Doom.  Keep your fingers crossed for A New Beginning.  If we have the time, we will try to make it a reality.  It would be good practive for a few of my other ideas anyway.

Aaron out.